20 June 2018

Omsk EMZ is ready for work and defense!

Employees of the Omsk electromechanical plant successfully fulfilled the standards of the GTO.

A sports event of this format, timed to celebrate the Day of Russia, was held at the enterprise for the first time. The organizers tried to maximize the conditions for participation in the official acceptance of TRP standards. Participants performed a set of exercises, which consisted of five areas: pull-ups, push-ups, long jump, 100 m running and throwing grenades, focusing on the standards of their age group.

The event was attended by more than 30 people, these are representatives of working professions and engineering and technical specialties. According to the scoring results, the best ones were awarded diplomas corresponding to the gold, silver or bronze badge of the TRP, as well as memorable prizes.

"We must certainly shake ourselves physically to be healthy morally"

Leo Tolstoy