Floodlight Towers and Lightning Arresters

Are designed for lighting and lightning protection of large spaces and are equipped with platforms and ladders. 
Practical application of the floodlight towers is wide — they are used for lighting electrical sub-stations, major oil depots, railway and shunting stations, airports, sea and river ports, outdoor sports facilities, stadiums. The towers and lightning arresters are manufactured using unified reinforced-concrete and steel elements of the overhead lines. Stand-alone lightning arresters are made without platforms for lights and without staircases.

The list of towers our plant produces in batches:

Floodlight tower ПМС-24,0 

Floodlight tower ПМС-29,3 

Floodlight tower ПМС-32,5 

Lightning arrester МС-31,7 

Lightning arrester МС-37,0 

Lightning arrester МС-40,2