19 November 2015

Innovations for Gazprom

Omsk Electromechanical Plant presented their developments in the area of power-transmission lines at the exhibition of the region R&D Companies which was held in the framework of the visit of Vice-Chairman of Board of Gazprom PJSC Mr, Vitaly Markelov to Omsk.

More than 20 Omsk companies took part in the exhibition of hi-tech equipment and  products which could pose interest for Gazprom PJSC. Omsk Electromechanical Plant presented joist-web steel supports and steel narrow-base lightweight supports for the construction of 6–10 kV plus power transmission lines. The innovative products enabling 25–30 % reduction of the overhead line construction costs for the power-supply of oil and gas fields, attracted the attention of Gazprom representatives.

“New design supports manufactured by our company already are successfully used at the facilities of Gazprom subsidiary companies”, – says General Director of Omsk Electromechanical Plant Mr. Dmitry Kopyltsov. – “This year these products were certified in  GAZPROMCERT voluntary certification system  and included in the Register of power-engineering equipment complying with the specifications of Gazprom PJSC. Currently the Company holds active work on the improvement of the support structures and their operation specifications, details for further cooperation with the state corporation are being worked out”.

After the exhibition viewing Mr. Vitaly Markelov and acting governor of Omsk oblast Mr. Viktor Nazarov held an extended session of the task force on the cooperation in the framework of Roadmap “Expansion of the Use of High-Technology Products of R&D Companies of Omsk Oblast, including Import-Replacing Products,  to the Benefit of Gazprom PJSC”. “Omsk oblast has a high production, engineering potential. Gazprom needs up-to-date Russian equipment and we see that Omsk companies can produce this equipment”, – Mr. Vitaly Markelov summarized, having pointed out that in the coming 5 years the delivery scopes of Omsk companies’ products must be increased several-fold.