20 August 2018

My working summer

At the Omsk Electromechanical Plant, a traditional program for the employment of underage children of workers for the summer period is underway. The program is implemented in the framework of the cooperation of the Plant with the State Employment Service.

As a rule, young people are happy to take part in this event, because they have the opportunity to evaluate the work of their parents working at the plant, to become part of a large production process, to put their hand to something really big and important, to get new knowledge and practical experience. In addition, such work contributes to the formation of a sense of responsibility and respect for work.

This year, 4 young workers are involved in different structures of the Omsk Electromechanical Plant: Elizaveta Zuyenko, Denis Pekutovsky, Anatoly Tarasov, Alexander Borisenko. The guys are involved in the work of the Department of Labor and Personnel Management, the production process of the hot-dip galvanizing shop and warehouse. Mentors of young people are satisfied with the work they are doing, appreciating the diligence and responsibility to carry out assignments.