24 April 2018

Employees of the Omsk EMZ met with students of the Aviation College N.E. Zhukovsky

Within the framework of the event, the specialists of the Omsk Electromechanical Plant held a presentation, outlined the features of production and the advantages of working in the enterprise. The meeting was held in a dialogue format, students during the event were able to ask their questions about the practice and employment. Representatives of the Omsk EMZ noted that at present the enterprise is ready to provide places for production and pre-graduation practice, internships and job placement under a student agreement, which presupposes a flexible working schedule and combining with studies. The factory also implemented the practice of mentoring, which provides the most effective work with each student.

Interested students filled out questionnaires of applicants, in case of their readiness for work they will be offered employment options and selected an individual schedule

It is worth noting that the Omsk Electromechanical Plant has been implementing a program of cooperation with secondary special and higher educational institutions of the city in the field of personnel training since 2016. For the period of the program's validity, graduates of Omsk State University have already joined it. Dostoevsky, OmSTU, colleges of transport construction and professional technologies, Siberian professional-pedagogical and Omsk industrial-economic college.