Joist-Web Supports

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The supports are designed for the application in populated and unpopulated areas of wind load class I-V and in glaze-ice areas class I-V with the design temperature of the coldest five-day period down to minus 65˚C. They are manufactured from low-alloyed steels of group С345-3 (09Г2C-12) as per GOST 19281. The supports may be used in non-aggressive and mildly aggressive air media and mildly aggressive and aggressive soil media.

On tangent-suspension and anchor supports in non-populated and populated areas installation of the following electrical equipment is provided: releasers, cable coupling boxes, protection discharge devices or non-linear overvoltage suppressors, reclosers, booster transformers and other electrical equipment. Anti-corrosion protection of the power-transmission line metal supports is provided using hot-dip galvanizing or zinc-filled composite materials.

Advantages of the joist-web supports over reinforced-concrete supports:

• Extended service life of the steel supports – 50 years;


• Expanded span length –50-95 m due to the high mechanical strength reduces the material demand and construction work scope;
• Increased phase spacings (200 cm vs. 130 cm for reinforced-concrete supports) allow avoiding wire crosses and burnings even in large spans;
• Smaller weight of the supports reduces the costs for transportation, handling and assembly works;
• Possibility of quick disassembly and re-use.

The supports’ foundations are steel pipes with the diameter of 219, 325 mm (for tangent-suspension supports), 426 and 530 mm (for anchor supports). The anchor stands may be connected with the foundation pipe with collet connections using clamps or flanged connection. Metal foundation pipe may be used as natural grounder if there is no hydroinsulation of the foundation with polymer materials. Bitumen coating on the foundations does not affect their use as natural grounders.

Supports with uninsulated wires
  • Anchor
  • Angle-tension
  • Tangent-suspension supports
  • Angle suspension towers
  • Anchor single-pole supports
  • Angle-tension single-pole supports
  • Tangent-suspension supports with suspended insulators
  • Supports with insulated wires
  • Anchor tapping supports
  • Anchor dead-end supports
  • Angle-tension supports
  • Angle-tension tapping supports
  • Tangent-suspension supports with pin insulators
  • Tangent-suspension supports with suspended insulators
  • Tangent-suspension angular supports
  • Tangent-suspension double-circuit supprt
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